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Every Pet Deserves Good Karma!!

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At Karma's Paw Spa we love pets! Young or old, big or small, purebred or puremix, we understand your pet is part of your family. Karma's professional and experienced groomers will give your pet the individualized care they deserve. Whether you need just a bath and nail trim or a full haircut, we can keep your pet looking and feeling great.

Karma's Paw Spa full service grooming includes:

Nail trim

Ear cleaning

Teeth brushing



Blow Dry

Anal gland expression (external)

15 minutes brushing

Haircut/ pattern set

Extra services:

Flea shampoo

Extra Brushing/ undercoat removal


Extra shave time on very matted pets

Hand scissoring


The price of your groom depends on the size of your dog, the condition of its coat, and the type of haircut you want. Give us a call and we will be happy to give you an estimate. Smaller dogs like Shih Tzus, Miniature Schnauzers, Maltese and Yorkies are usually around $48.00 for a full groom. Larger dogs will be more, Bath only dogs are usually less. Most cats are between $45.00 and $55.00  

Nail Trims:

If you need a nail trim just stop in! You don't need an appoinment and it is only $5.00 cash/check or $7.00 with charge card.


Karma's Paw Spa is open 7 days a week. We have flexible hours, just call for available appointments. Each groomer is independent and sets her own hours and appointment times. If you are planning on stopping in for a nail trim, call ahead to find out how late we will be here.


At Karma's Paw Spaw we use only detergent-free biodegradeable pet friendly shampoos and conditionars. We have different shampoos to meet your pets unique skin and coat needs. Let us know if your pet has sensitive skin or allergies and we will use a hypo-allergenic or soothing oatmeal shampoo. If you have a prescription shampoo from your veterinarian, please feel free to bring it with to your appointment and we will use it on your pet. 

Special Needs:

We know nobody is perfect. We believe every pet deserves some good karma, and at Karma's Paw Spa we will work with your pet to make their day at the spa as pleasent as possible. Please let us know if your pet has any behavior issues, special needs or medical conditions when you make your appoinment. If your dog has a medical condition, please get your veterinarian's o.k. before making an appoinment. Sorry, but we can not accept pets who may be contagious. 


Dogs and cats are not the only furry members of the family. We welcome guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, and similar pets.


Please give 24 hours notice if you are unable to make your scheduled appointment. Your groomer is an independant contractor at Karma's Paw Spa. This allows the groomer to set her own hours and handle her own money. It also means that if you dont show for your appointment, she will not get paid; and no one wants to go to work and not get paid. If you repeat a no call/no show your groomer may choose to charge you a $20.00 convenience fee on your next appoinment.

Remington and Digit

Life is so rough for these two. It is a lot of work to run a grooming shop!


Wilber is a parakeet hand raised by Hannah. She enjoys crackers and tummy rubs.


The office manager relaxing in her favorite chair.

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