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At Karma's Paw Spa we have three full time groomers (Hannah, Helen, and Deb) with fifty years combined experience. That's a lot of amazing talent under one roof! Dogs are not just our career, they are our passion. We want your pet to have a fun and relaxing experience at the spa. Unlike the big chain stores, the groomers at Karma's are not under any pressure to make a daily quota of dogs. Your pet is not an assembly line job, we believe in quality over quantity. As independent contractors, the groomers at Karma's Paw Spa work for you, the client, not a corporation. And we think that is the way it should be!  

What's in a name?

There was a real Karma who gave the inspiration for the name 'Karma's Paw Spa.' She was a plush coat German Shepherd Dog that came to me from a bad home. She was nine months old and had not been socialized or shown much kindness. She did not even recognize her name, so I gave her a new name, Karma. Karma was full of life and love. She always had a happy, bouncy attitude and never let her difficult past dappen her spirit. Karma loved people, dogs and cats. From the moment she first lept into my car, until the day cancer took her, she never had a bad day. She was with me for twelve years.


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